START & PAUSE new Formula

START & PAUSE new Formula

START & PAUSE new Formula

Start und Pause - The Yanoli 2-Phase-Concept

When we’re physically or mentally active, we require significantly more energy than during periods of rest. Our metabolism kicks into high gear, burning carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids abundantly. This heightened activity within our cells leads to the production of more free radicals.

During sleep, our bodies replenish their reserves, repair damage, and adapt to the demands placed upon them. Muscles are built, tendons are reinforced, and joints are strengthened.

To ensure that all these processes run optimally, we need more than just sufficient macronutrients. A plethora of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and vital nutrients are indispensable. Without them, nothing in our metabolism functions as it should.

The Yanoli 2-Phase concept seamlessly guides you through your day. Thanks to its intelligent nutrient composition, it provides you with precisely the micronutrients and vital substances needed for your activities and moments of rest, all without any rivalry for the absorption of active substances.

START for more energy and enhanced performance and PAUSE for regeneration and restful sleep.

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