Golden Armour 50ml

Golden Armour 50ml

Golden Armour 50ml

Anti Aging & Anti-Pollution Serum with Gold Leaf

Golden Armour protects the skin against damaging environmental factors and promotes skin functions that are responsible for elasticity, vitality and and firmness.

Aloe vera pearls and white active ingredient beads, which combine with the serum during pumping, support the anti-pollution process.

A polysaccharide matrix is embedded in the active ingredient beads, which forms a barrier against various forms of harmful environmental influences; including UV damage, particulate matter, heavy metals, chemical irritants, intra- and extracellular damage. This can lead to oxidative stress, inflammation, pigmentation and premature skin ageing.

Golden Armour is refined with 24 carat gold leaf flakes. Gold can bind up to three hundred times its own weight in water.

This provides the skin with lasting moisture. It also has an antibacterial effect and is a very pure and compatible ingredient, which is also suitable for

allergy sufferers. The delicate golden shimmer caresses the skin and restores the makes the complexion radiant again.

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